Kenny Brown


Kenny has over ten years of experience with lawn maintenance and landscaping. He began working with a local company, taking on commercial & residential projects. With this experience, combined with his love of the outdoors, Kenny began picking up clients on the side and eventually allowed him to start KB Lawns in 2008. He is a proud native of Waynesville, and is very happy to provide excellent service to the patrons of this local community. Kenny continues to grow his business through his strong work ethic, outstanding attitude, and fantastic customer service.

Lawn Care Waynesville, NC


We offer a wide selection of landscaping services! This includes: landscaping design, plant/tree installation, and retaining walls.

Lawn Care Service

We offer both residential and commercial lawn care services. This includes: grass cutting, line trimming, blowing, and more.

Pesticide Application

We are certified in pesticide application. We know how to properly apply pesticides in the safest way possible.